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Liberal Governor Gets EXACTLY What He Deserves

People will not bow down to his every whim.

During a live Fox News segment, U.S. military veteran and gym owner, Robby Dinero, decided to rip up a $15,000 fine he got from the Erie County Health Department.

Dinero stated that the lockdown orders from Cuomo were “denying Americans the freedom to earn a living.”

While Cuomo and Erie County Executive Mark C. Poloncarz were making around $225,000 and $103,000 salaries, the people living in the state were struggling to survive.

As the days progress, more and more people are starting to struggle to even put food on the table because lockdown orders are telling everyone to stay at home.

The citizens of New York are tired of Cuomo’s incapability and he needs to be booted out of government.

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