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Trump Builds SUPERSTAR Legal Team Ahead Of Impeachment Trial

The Democrats are playing hardball with President Trump. He’s going to need a big bat.

Fox News reported today that Ken Starr, the man responsible for seeing Bill Clinton’s impeachment through in 1990’s, and famed Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz joined President Trump’s legal defense team for the Senate imeachment.

This comes as good news seeing as how slanderous new allegations by former Rudy Giuliani associate Lev Parnas has caused quite a stir in the Senate.

Along with Starr and Dershowitz, President Trump’s defense team will have other big name players such as Florida attorney general Pam Bondi, former federal prosecutor Robert Ray and Jane Raskin with White House Counsel Pat Cipollone taking the lead of the defense team.

Surprisingly, Alan Dershowitz is a Democrat but strongly believes that the push to Impeach President Trump has no foundation and has refuted the charges against him.

Earlier today, Dershowitz tweeted, “STATEMENT REGARDING PROFESSOR DERSHOWITZ’S ROLE IN THE SENATE TRIAL – Professor Dershowitz will present oral arguments at the Senate trial to address the constitutional arguments against impeachment and removal.”

“While Professor Dershowitz is non partisan when it comes to the constitution—he opposed the impeachment of President Bill Clinton and voted for Hillary Clinton— he believes the issues at stake go to the heart of our enduring Constitution.”

“He is participating in this impeachment trial to defend the integrity of the Constitution and to prevent the creation of a dangerous constitutional precedent.”

Watch as Sentaor Ted Cruz drives home a very important message the Democrats are unwilling to understand:

Image credit: The Nation

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