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Donald Trump Jr. Delivers BEST Response To Biden Family

He is fed up…

Donald Trump Jr. is done playing nice, and is going all out on the Biden family and the media. He told Fox News, “Well listen, obviously, there’s the part where you’re watching this stuff go down to your father. But, look at me, for example, I mean, I’ve done 30 hours of testimony regarding a 20-minute unsolicited meeting, right?”

“Meanwhile, Hunter Biden is taking millions, is literally the start of the entire Ukraine hoax and they don’t even consider calling him. I mean, think about it, 30 hours in front of the House and Senate. I had senators on TV saying that this man committed treason, he must go to jail for life.”

Trump Jr. didn’t stop there, he went on to slam “Joe Biden over his struggles on the campaign trail, saying that if he can’t handle small crowds, then he will get steam rolled by his father, President Donald Trump.”

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Image Credit: NBC News

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