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Fox News Host FIRES Back At Warren, Leaves Her Tongue-Tied

She needs to think before speaking…

Tucker Carlson has called for a pardon for Roger Stone and compares the sentencing of Stone to the sentences for rapists, armed robbers, and those convicted of violent assault. He started by playing a clip of Sen. Elizabeth Warren who was advocating for Stone to be put in prison for life.

“That is Elizabeth Warren, failing and bitter in New Hampshire and, like so many on the left, howling for Roger Stone to die in prison. A 67-year-old man with no criminal record caught up in the Russia hoax, farce, caught up in an investigation that proved to be fruitless.”

Carlson added, “He’s looking at nine years behind bars. Do you know what the average rapist does in this country? We checked today. Four years. Do you know what the average armed robber gets? Three years. The average thug who violently assaults somebody? Less than a year and a half. But the left, CNN as well, demanding that Roger Stone dies in prison. Hmm. This man needs a pardon.”

Watch a full clip here.

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