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Pelosi Gets ATTACKED By Her OWN Party After Doing This

Even the Democrats can’t stand her…

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi recently visited Texas Representative Henry Cuellar in order to help the “Koch-backed, anti-choice Democrat” win against his challenger Jessica Cisneros.

Pelosi told Cuellar’s aides that they “want this to be not only a victory, but a resounding victory.” She said, “Every step you take, every door you knock, every call you make, will make that resounding victory possible—and it includes getting out a big Democratic vote prepared to vote again in the general election so that we turn Texas blue.”

This did not sit well with supporters of Cisneros. An email was sent to Pelosi saying that her support for Cuellar was “utterly shameful.”

Republicans don’t like Pelosi, and it seems neither do Democrats. She’s always causing hate and saying that there is something wrong with the Republican party, but if both parties don’t like her then there must be something wrong with her.

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Image Credit: ABC News

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