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Liberal Media Drops BOMBSHELL, Viewers Terrified

Is this the end?

It has been recently announced that host Chris Matthews of MSNBC is retiring “following controversy surrounding recent remarks that he made on air.” During a segment on MSNBC, Matthews said, “Let me start with my headline tonight. I’m retiring. This is the last ‘Hardball’ on MSNBC, and obviously this isn’t for lack of interest in politics. As you can tell I have loved every 20 minutes of my host as ‘Hardball.’ Every morning I read the papers and I’m gung ho to get to work. Many many people have had this privilege.”

“After conversation with NBC, I decided tonight will be my last ‘Hardball. So let me tell you why: The younger generations are ready to take the reigns. We see them in politics, the media, and fighting for their causes. … They grew up with better standards, fair standards. A lot of it has to do with how we talk to each other, compliments on a woman’s appearance that some men, including me, might have once incorrectly thought were okay, were never okay. Certainly not today.”

Matthews has said all that, but there have been many debating on whether he was the one who wanted to retire or if he was forced to retire because of his “criticisms of Bernie Sanders’ socialism, mistaking a black Democrat for a black Republican, comparing Sanders’ wins to Nazi Germany taking over France, and accused of sexual harassment.”

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