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Republicans Fed Up, DEMAND Pelosi Do THIS

Things need to change…

Republicans are done with the House recess and are demanding Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi to end it, and call the Democrats back so that everyone can start working again.

The House of Representatives and Senate have been in recess, but there are still some legislators that have stayed behind to handle the “after-effects of passing [the] massive coronavirus relief packages.”

A report from Politico states, “A group of House Republicans traveled back to D.C. early and are planning to seek recognition on the floor during today’s pro forma session. Their mission: they want to ask about ‘the status of the House reopening’…while also drawing attention to Democratic leadership’s decision to keep lawmakers away from the Capitol while small business aid has stalled.”

The group, led by Rep. Brian Mast, believe that Mitch McConnell is being left to negotiate with Democrats which is leaving other legislators without a say.

This is bad especially for the Republicans that want to have a say on the deals or programs going on during coronavius.

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