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Pelosi’s Idiotic Mind EXPOSED

She really said this!

During a recent press conference House Speaker Nancy Pelosi decided to blame the “disproportionate” number of minorities dying from coronavirus on Trump.

Pelosi stated that the reason “people of color” were dying more often than others was because the president lacked a “strategic plan” for “testing, tracing, treating, and social distancing.”

The CDC has stated that racial minorities are impacted far more than normal. So Pelosi made sure to tell everyone who were protesting because of the death of George Floyd, to practice social distancing.

She’s hilarious! Telling people who were protesting to socially distance proves that she is not fit to be in government.

They are not listening to her because they are mad about the death of George Floyd, and there is no way they will be socially distancing during a protest even less if a riot breaks out.

Pelosi also seems to have forgotten that America is one of the leading countries in coronavirus testing.

Trump is doing all he can to stop the virus, while Pelosi is sitting at home probably eating ice cream.

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