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Traitorous Republican Tries To SHUT UP Trump

Why is he even in the Republican Party?

Karl Rove, former George W. Bush advisor, recently attacked Trump after Trump tweeted asking for Bubba Wallace to apologize for his actions. An alleged “noose” was found in Wallace’s garage stall and the FBI were called to investigate.

Turns out the “noose” was a garage pull rope and the law enforcement were called for no reason.

Trump tweeted:

Rove stated, “Did what the president tweet on Monday advance the cause that he laid out on Saturday? And I think the answer is an unambiguous no, it did not. The president has a limited number of days between now and the election. And when he tweets, it’s a powerful message, and the question is does that message continue to advance the narrative that he and those around him decided that he would lay out on Saturday at Mount Rushmore? And the answer is no, it didn’t.”

He continued saying, “The president advances his cause when he uses his powerful voice that he has to advance his cause. And he could have advanced his cause on Monday by instead of tweeting about Bubba Wallace, instead tweeting about the names of these young black girls and boys who were killed in acts of needless violence in America’s major cities. That’s what America’s concerned about. They’re not concerned about Bubba Wallace, they’re not concerned about the Confederate flag.”

He ended saying, “He can advance his cause in this election year by paying more attention to the things that Americans care about like the violence that’s occurring in our major cities.”

Read the whole story and watch a clip here.

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