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Democrats THREATEN Biden

He’s getting hit from both sides now.

Joe Biden is being warned by Democratic operatives stating that he should be expecting backlash if he decides to not select a black woman as his vice president.

Biden recently had a “high-level meeting in Washington, D.C., with Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer, once a front-runner for the Veep slot” and that did not sit well with some people.

The chair of the DNC’s Black Caucus, Virgie Rollins, said, “He better pick a Black woman. If he picks Gretchen, he’ll lose Michigan.”

She also continued saying, “There are a lot of Black people mad at her [Whitmer] in this state.”

Biden has not yet made his decision on who his vice president should be. He has sworn to pick a woman, and many activists are stating that the woman should be black so that he will have a better time getting votes from swing states.

POLITICO stated, “As Biden prepares to announce his choice this week, Black women activists and operatives have launched an eleventh-hour campaign to pressure him. In a pair of open letters Monday and last week, they made the case that he needs strong African American turnout in swing states like Florida, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania to win.”

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Image Credit: NBC News

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