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Famous Coach EXPOSES Biden’s Faith

He’s going to be losing a lot of supporters now that this is out.

Legendary college football coach Lou Holtz gave a speech at the Republican National Convention recently and targeted Biden’s “faith.”

Biden has been calling himself a Catholic, but in Holtz’s speech he calls Biden a “Catholic in name only.”

Holtz said, “The Biden-Harris ticket is the most radically pro-abortion campaign in history. They and other politicians are Catholic in name only, and abandon innocent lives. President Trump protects those lives. I trust President Trump.”

“Nobody has been a stronger advocate for the unborn than President Trump.”

Holtz also praised Trump for being a president who “genuinely cares” and it shows from the policies he’s passed throughout his first term of presidency.

Biden on the other hand, has proved that he is fine with saying one thing but doing another. He says he’s Catholic, but then does things that would make his previous statement false.

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Image Credit: IndyStar

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