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Democrat’s Pleas Get IGNORED

Trump is making sure all citizens are safe.

President Trump recently stated that he will be visiting the rioting and looting sites in Kenosha and promised that there will be “no tolerance” for any type of violence or anarchy.

The local Democratic officials have asked Trump not to visit, but because the riots and violence has still been going on, Trump is ignoring their pleas.

He stated, “We must strictly and fully enforce our law and have no tolerance for anarchy and no tolerance — zero — for violence. Anyone who breaks the law should be arrested, prosecuted and punished.”

The governor Tony Evers stated that Trump’s presence “will only hinder our healing.”

He sent a letter to Trump that said, “I am concerned your presence will only delay our work to overcome division and move forward together.”

Seeing as how not much has changed, the presence of Trump should actually help in dealing with the violence not hinder it.

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