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CNN Host TURNS Tables On Pelosi

This was unexpected…

Nancy Pelosi was recently caught going to a hair salon without a mask. Pelosi has been a staunch advocate for lockdowns and masks, so being caught going to a place that was supposed to be closed because of lockdown as well not wearing a mask makes her seem like a hypocrite.

Her answer to why all that happened was because “it was a setup.” Her old age must be catching up to her.

CNN host Don Lemon unloaded on Pelosi stating, “So the speaker of the House is blaming the salon after she didn’t wear a mask indoors. Tonight, the salon owner is denying it was a setup. Regardless, this far into the pandemic, the House speaker should know what is safe and what isn’t. We should all know. It’s our responsibility. Instead of claiming a setup, would have been just as easy for the speaker to say, ‘You know what? I messed up. I should have worn a mask indoors.'”

Shouldn’t she know better?

This is the exact reason many do not and will never trust what comes out of a Democrat’s mouth. Just like how Pelosi showed, they will say they want something, do something different, and then blame others if they get caught.

It was quite surprising mainstream media even covered the story seeing as how they support everything Pelosi says.

Read the rest of the article here.

Image Credit: Unite America First

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