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Hollywood Actor SLANDERS Trump, Says THIS

He better be ready for what’s coming next…

Movie star Josh Brolin recently called out President Trump and stated that America is “not a better country” since Trump became president.

Brolin took to Instagram and said, “I understand why people voted for Trump in 2016 because they wanted something different. But it didn’t work. We are not a better country. We can pretend we are, but too much stuff has happened. Too many people have died senselessly.”

He continued saying, “Vote for who you want to. But vote for who is going to make this country as a whole a better place. Democrats need to say look America is the most important place period. And Republicans need to stop lying and saying everything is a fallacy and everything is wrong.”

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What a refreshing breakthrough thx @realdlhughley

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Image Credit: The Guardian

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