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Republicans AGs TURN The Tables On Democrats

They must have been shocked after finding what was being used against them.

Recently, President Trump revealed his Supreme Court nominee, Amy Coney Barrett, and now the Republican AGs are doing what they can in order to get her a seat in the Supreme Court.

A letter was sent to the Senate which stated, “The Constitution clearly sets out the process for filling a Supreme Court vacancy. The president has a duty to make a nomination.”

Apparently the Republicans had quoted a 2016 letter that was sent to the Senate by Democrats when they were trying to get Merrick Garland nominated.

The letter also stated that the Senate “has the responsibility to consider and approve or disapprove the nomination. While simple, this is the law and it should be followed.”

The Democrats were probably not thinking that their own words would eventually be used against them.

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Image Credit: New York Magazine

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