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Alan Dershowitz Breaks Apart Democrat’s Impeachment Case

Democrats may want to go back to the drawing board…

Alan Dershowitz is party of Trump’s defense team, and his recent speech has ripped any type of case Democrats have against Trump. He starts with, “I stand before you today, as I stood in 1973 and 1974 for the protection of the constitutional and procedural rights of Richard Nixon, who I personally abhorred and whose impeachment I personally favored, and as I stood for the rights of Bill Clinton, who I admired and whose impeachment I strongly opposed.”

“I stand against the application and misapplication of the constitutional criteria in every case and against any president without regard to whether I support his or her parties or policies. I would be making the very same constitutional argument had Hillary Clinton, for whom I voted, been elected and had a Republican House voted to impeach her on these unconstitutional grounds.”

He continued with saying that he was there to answer the main question of whether or not the charges on Trump were enough to impeach him. The answer was no. The charges on Trump were “so vague” and did not equal impeachment. Read the rest of what he said here.

Image Credit: NBC News

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