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Biden Receives BAD News From Democrats

It’s not good if even Democrats are going after him…

Democrat voters are not happy with Joe Biden and it shows. 26% of Democrats are now asking for Joe Biden to be replaced by someone else as the Democratic presidential nominee.

Biden has been accused by Tara Reade of sexually assaulting her, and the accusation seems to be bringing down his campaign. Biden and many Democrats are refusing to acknowledge the accusation, however it’s starting to get increasingly harder to ignore.

“Reade is the eighth woman to accuse Biden of sexual misconduct. In an effort to put the scandal to bed, Biden created talking points full of lies and in a disheartening repeat of the Clinton 90s, Biden sent prominent women out to lie for him.”

The more he ignores Reade’s accusation, the more it could hurt him. Read the full story here.

Image Credit: The New York Times

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