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Biden Throws Jen Psaki UNDER The Bus

She’s doing a terrible job.

Biden has recently “distanced” himself from Jen Psaki after she stated that the Biden administration is trying to have 50% of schools open by the first 100 days.

Biden said, “No, that’s not true. That’s what was reported; that’s not true. There was a mistake in the communication. But what I — what I’m talking about is I said opening the majority of schools in K-through-eighth grade because they’re the easiest to open, the most needed to be opened, in terms of the impact on children and families having to stay home.”

“I think we’ll be close to that at the end of the first hundred days. I think we’ll be close to that at the end of the first hundred days.”

Read the rest of the article and watch his statement here.

Image Credit: MarketWatch

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