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Biden Tries Slandering Trump, FAILS Miserably

Is this really the best he has?

President Trump is known for giving nicknames to both his friends and his opponents. He has called Elizabeth Warren “Pocahontas,” Sen. Richard Blumenthal “Da Nang Dick,” he also called Jeb Bush “Low Energy Jeb.”

Now Biden is trying to jump on the bandwagon and his first attempt at giving Trump a nickname did not go so well.

Biden has revealed his nickname for Trump to be “President Tweety.”

In an online speech, Biden said, “Trump is out there tweeting again this morning. I call him ‘President Tweety.'”

Trump has been calling Biden, “Sleepy Joe” and Biden tried defending himself by saying, “in terms of energy … I don’t have any problem comparing my energy level to Donald Trump.”

Biden has also stated that he is “really resisting giving a nickname” to Trump, but seems like he was lying about that.

Biden can “hardly wait to get onto stage with Donald Trump,” but with his track record, it doesn’t seem like there’s going to much of a fight for Trump.

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Image Credit: Middle East Eye

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