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Governor THREATENS Her Own Citizens

She needs to be taken down immediately!

Gretchen Whitmer has recently chastised her citizens as well as her legislature for circulating petitions that call for limiting the amount of power she has. She called it “irresponsible, dangerous, and foolish.”

An attorney, Katherine Henry, has called for an amendment to the state Constitution that will make government officials no long able to:

take away our rights to worship, assemble, speak freely, petition our government for a redress of grievances, or others related to our life, liberty or property – in times of emergency or not – without proving beyond a reasonable doubt that depriving us of that right is necessary because we are imminently harming the life, liberty or property of another person.

Seems like Whitmer has gone extremely power hungry since the crisis, and now that things are starting to ease back up, she’s doing everything to keep her newfound power.

Read the whole story here.

Image Credit: ClickOnDetroit

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