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Liberal Host TURNS On Democrats

Here’s what happened.

According to the Daily Caller, Joe Scarborough slammed Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney stating that he did a “poor job” in 2020.

“Do Democrats support defunding the police, first of all, and secondly, the Cook Political Report said Democrats lost 25 of 25 contested House races in 2020. And I think most analyses believe at least in the House races, Democrats badly underperformed expectations,” Scarborough began. “So address those two and, again, if you could specifically answer the question, again, it’s not the question that I’m asking. It’s the question that Republicans will continue to ask, do Democrats support defunding the police?”

“Right. The answer is no. And you are asking the question and you’re repeating a Republican talking point for reasons I don’t know,” Maloney replied.

“That’s why I’m repeating it because if you believe that Kevin McCarthy should be Speaker of the House, keep pretending that none of that happened and keep saying that the House did a good job in 2020 because they did not. House Democrats did a poor job,” Scarborough insisted. “So my question is are you going into 2022 with eyes wide open?” You can read the full article here.

Image credit: National Review

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