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Ocasio-Cortez REGRETS Saying THIS

Maybe next time she will use her brain before speaking.

Retired ICE Director Tom Homan recently attacked Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for filming herself attacking the word “surge.”

Homan told Ocasio-Cortez to “accept what is happening at the border as a national security crisis.”

He said:

Look, the men and women of the Border Patrol say it’s a surge. The men and women at the Border Patrol [say] it’s a crisis. The men and women of the Border Patrol know, as Brian Babin said, that these cartels are using these children and family units to throw them across the border and tie up their assets. Forty percent of the Border Patrol is assigned to the facility no longer have a line. So these cartels are moving drugs and bad people through unguarded areas. This is a national security crisis. If she can’t understand that or accept that, then she shouldn’t be in Congress at all.

Read the full story here.

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