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Rubio Kicks Biden To The CURB

The next few years look grim…

Senator Marco Rubio recently chastised Biden and his administration for their handling of the U.S.-Mexico border.

He appeared on Fox News and said, “First of all, we’re seeing the real-life consequences of campaign rhetoric and first-day policies of a new administration. You know, they ran around basically saying — the message was, you know, pretty clear, and that is that both as a candidate and in the early days in office and during the transition period, it is going to be easier and more welcoming for people to come into the United States, even if they do so illegally. And — and that message went out loud and clear. It was perceived by people that way, and it’s driving this crisis that’s going to continue to get worse.”

“The second lesson here is hypocrisy. You know, the all — the same people who demanded access to the facilities, who called it children in cages, who were hosting vigils and protests now, I mean, they’re sort of silent about it. I don’t see some of these leading figures on the left out there, you know, holding vigils and protests against the administration for doing the exact same thing, in many cases worse than what the Trump administration — what they accused the Trump administration of. So hypocrisy and incompetence both on full display.”

Read the full story and watch a clip here.

Image Credit: WFLA

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