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Trump Completely HUMILIATES Joe Biden

Trump has him running for cover.

According to The Daily Wire, President Donald Trump slammed 2020 presidential candidate Joe Biden by retweeting actor James Woods calling out Biden for his “truly terrifying” non-response to the coronavirus crisis.

“We are in the middle of an international pandemic and the Democrats’ lead candidate has literally disappeared from the face of the earth,” Woods tweeted. “Is this a preview of how he would lead. It’s truly terrifying.”

The tweet also includes an awkward clip from Biden’s “shadow” COVID-19 address. “Thank you all. Thank you all for listening,” says Biden, who then stares at the camera until his wife walks up and surprises him with a hug. “Oh…Thanks. Thanks. Thanks. Okay…,” says the Democratic frontrunner before walking off camera.

You can read the full article here.

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