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Trump’s Legal Team SLAPS Nadler Down To Size After Outburst

They have no power in the Senate and they need to stop acting like they do.

Recently, House Manager Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) snapped on the Senate floor and blamed Senate Republicans for pushing “treacherous votes”, participating in a “cover-up” and voting “against the United States” because the Republicans won’t let the Democrats gain an inch in the Senate.

More specifically, Nadler was fighting to subpoena National Security Advisor John Bolton who they ironically didn’t even call to testify in the House impeachment inquiry against President Trump.

According to the Gateway Pundit, Nadler stated, “The President is on trial in the Senate. But the Senate is on trial in the eyes of the American people. Will you vote to allow all of the relevant evidence to be presented here? Or will you betray your oath to be an impartial juror? Will you bring Ambassador Bolton here? Will you permit us to present you with the entire record of the President’s misconduct? Or will you instead choose to be complicit in the President’s cover-up? So far, I’m sad to say, I see a lot of senators voting for a cover-up, voting to deny witnesses. An absolutely indefensible vote. Obviously, a treacherous vote. A vote against an honest consideration of the evidence against the President. A vote against an honest trial. A vote against the United States. A real trial we know has witnesses. We urge you to do your duty, permit a fair trial. All the witnesses must be permitted. That’s elementary in American justice. Either you want the truth or you, and you must permit the witnesses or you want a shameful cover-up. History will judge and so will the electorate.”

President Trump’s White House Counsel Pat Cipollone didn’t take too kindly to the words of Jerry Nadler. According to Breitbart, Cipollone immediately checked Nadler for his slanderous statement saying, “The only one who should be embarrassed, Mr. Nadler, is you, for the way you addressed this body. This is the United States Senate. You’re not in charge here.”

When it was Cipollone’s turn to speak, he began his statement with, “Thank you, Mr. Chief Justice, members of the Senate. We came here today to address the false case brought to you by the House managers. … We’ve been respectful of the Senate. We’ve made our arguments to you. And you don’t deserve, and we don’t deserve, what just happened. Mr. Nadler came up here and made false allegations against our team. He made false allegations against all of you: he accused you of a ‘cover up.” He’s been making false allegations against the president.”

Cipollone then said, “Mr. Nadler, you owe an apology to the President of the United States and his family. You owe an apology to the Senate. But most of all, you owe an apology to the American people.”

Image credit: CNSNews

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